Used saddles adapted to your needs as a horse rider

The saddle, whether it is a new saddle or a used saddles, is an essential element for the good practice of your riding. It is the link between the horse and the rider. It must help you to find your right position while leaving the greatest freedom of movement to your horse. So how do you find the right saddle?

Equestrian discipline practiced

Riding brings together several disciplines and each discipline a saddle will be more suitable than another. Dressage, jumping, cross country, western, endurance are the 5 disciplines for which there is a typical saddle. For pony games, horseball, hiking,... many saddles are compatible. When practicing several disciplines it is better to focus on a mixed saddle.

The level of the rider

The level of the rider is decisive in the choice of a saddle. The saddle must help the rider to find his place, to position himself just in relation to his horse, to accompany him in his movements without hindering him. Thus finding the right saddle will allow the rider to practice riding more easily.

The positioning and balance of the rider

Depending on the position of the rider on his horse, the saddle will be chosen to help him work well with it. If you have a particular problem: lack of fixity of your leg, shoulders forward ... a well adapted saddle can help you to have a centered position.

The morphology of the rider

The morphology of the rider is very important to choose a saddle. You can almost everything fit on a saddle to match the rider: the quarters, the seat, the advances, the cleats ... Find the saddle adapted to your morphology will allow you to be in comfort and also help you to better ride your horse.

It is important to consider these aspects before purchasing a used saddle. The saddle must conform to the discipline and needs of the rider.