The art of restoring a used saddle to perfection

Leather saddles require special care to prevent them from cracking. The leather cracks easily, especially when she has weight resting on her stirrup. As the chairs are exposed to the sun, they dry frequently. Repair the leather before any show to ensure a safe ride and a functional saddle.

How to repair the saddle of horses?

There are craftsmen specialized in restoring leather saddles. All the trail is done by hand and that's why it's well cared for. The sewing is perfect, the padding, too, is standard, and with the mischievous verification carried out by the workshop, nothing escapes them. For the price, it is true that the saddle becomes a little more expensive if we compare the sum with the price of a new synthetic saddle.

Choose a good repair shop for the worn saddle

You can search on and compare the sites that do this job. Usually, the best people sponsor equestrian competitions and follow professional riders. This also means that it takes a little time for the work to be done. Of course, the workshop is in the guts of the professional class and you can't find any if you don't follow the races. Sometimes they are among the people who finance the competitions.

How do I know if the saddle is right for my horse?

To know if the saddle is right for your horse, you need to take into account a number of characteristics. First of all, you must observe that the state of the frame is correct. You should check that its structure, frame or shaft flexes slightly when you press the seat. This is the internal structure of the frame, so it must be in perfect condition for its adjustment to be correct. If wrinkles appear or if the flexion is asymmetric, it means that the stem is damaged.

Many of these used stool repair craftsmen exhibit their products online and make a considerable exposure.